Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans

What are Outdoor Ceiling Fans?

Outside roof fan establishments give a hefty portion of similar advantages that indoor roof fans give. One key extra advantage that you get with an outside roof fan is nuisance control.  the breeze made by the down draft, outside fans make a zone that is troublesome for some bugs to fly through, helping you keep them out of your yard or open air living space.  best Outdoor ceiling fans are not like regular ceiling fans as they are specially designed to endure the extra moisture outdoors. The two types of outdoor ceiling fans are wet rated and damp rated outdoor ceiling fans. Both are quite similar, the difference being that wet fans can be directly exposed to water (e.g. rain) while damps cant (e.g. laundry room)

What are Floor Fans?

A floor fan is one of the cheaper fans you will find out there. It’s simple and portable. Usually they are pedestal type and box type fans. The main difference between a ceiling fan and a floor fan is that floor fan is placed in the floor and can be moved at your convenience easily while ceiling fans are fixed in the ceiling. High speed ceiling fan can be an alternate of outdoor ceiling fan if you want to get air circulation just in a specific area. High speed for fan put extra pressure when its circulate the air, as a result the things around it move here to there, what actually does not happen when you will switch on your outdoor ceiling fan. They may give out more air than some regular ceiling fan but they are not as effective as ceiling fans when it comes to moving air throughout the room. A floor fan can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Why Are Outdoor Fans Needed?

Outdoor fans are certified to operate outdoors as they are not like regular fans. A regular fan’s plastic may deteriorate due to the additional moisture, sunlight etc. That’s why your regular fan isn’t good enough to operate in an outdoor patio or sun room.
Another small but important feature of outdoor fans are that they have a high velocity as they have to draw the air in outdoors. Air is always moving in the external environment. So, if your fan cannot draw enough air you will not feel any cooling sensation.

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Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans


Check out the best Outdoor ceiling fans for today !

imageName & brandproduct dimensionRating & reviewed Price
Hunter Bay view Hunter Bay view Ceiling Fan with Five Blades13 x 9.5 x 13 inches4.6 reviewed by 185$$$
Westinghouse Oasis Westinghouse Oasis Single-Light Five-Blade Fan21.2 x 11.2 x 10.8 inches4.1 reviewed by 149$$$
Lasko Adjustable Lasko Adjustable Pedestal Fan20.5 x 20.5 x 54.5 inches4.1 reviewed by 1328$
NewAir Oscillating NewAir Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan17 x 17 x 50 inches3.8 reviewed by 356$$$
LaskoHigh Velocity LaskoHigh Velocity Floor/Wall Mount Fan7 x 22 x 22 inches4.5 reviewed by 924$
Minka-Aire F594-ORB Minka-Aire F594-ORB, Traditional Concept23.6 x 13.1 x 12.8 inches4.1 reviewed by 90$$$$
Hunter Fan Company Hunter Fan Company Hatherton 46-Inch46 x 46 x 14.7 inches4.5 reviewed by 97$$

Why should you buy a Floor Fan?

Floor fans are very flexible and versatile unlike most other fans. If you like to sleep against a constant music like noise with a lot of air moving towards you, a floor fan is what you need. Very powerful floor fans can cool a room in 5-10 minutes if you know how to direct your fan properly. You can also use them outdoors in hot days with oscillation feature.

There are different types of floor fans and you should choose carefully to best fit your need. Some fans are very light while others maybe a little on the heavier side but with a lot of extra juice (air movement). If you need to carry your fan around outdoors a lot, then your preference should be a fan that is light and easy to carry. If you need to cover a large area then you should go for a heavier and stronger fan.

The most common complain about powerful floor fans is their noise. However, many people find the noise quite enjoyable. If you wish to watch television with your fan operating at highest speed then you should check out its sound rating first.
Some common features of the best floor fans are pointed out below:
• Automatic temperature control that lets of shut off the fan once the room reaches a target temperature.
• Remote control to operate the fan (change speed, power on/power off) from a distance.
• Multiple speeds, usually 3 with timer function installed that will shut the fan off based on your preset timing.

What are the prices of the best Floor Fans?

Best floor fans are available have 3 basic levels in terms of price and performance.A floor fan with the very basic features such as a plastic fan with a few speed option can be bought online for around $30. Usually they are made of cheap plastic and doesn’t have advanced features like oscillation, temperature and remote control. They are a good choice if you are a little low on your budget but need a fast moving fan.
For a better performance and a few extra features, you need to pay around $30 extra. If you have a budget of around $60, you will get a medium quality floor fan in terms of performance and features. They have some basic additional features like oscillation, timer and remote control. They also are the least noisy.
Floor fans with high air movement capacity are powerful but noisy and will cost you around $120. However, they are a good value for money as they can cool your room in a matter of minutes and save your air conditioner bill. It also has some advanced features such as built-in thermostat in addition to the other features of the medium quality fans.

What Are Some of the Typical Problems of Outdoor Fans?

The main problem of  best outdoor ceiling fans are faced when installing them as they need to be mounted on something strong and solid. But unlike typical indoor rooms, usually outdoor rooms are not built to give stud support. In some cases, anchors may need to be installed to make sure that the weight of the fan doesn’t bring down the topside. This needs to be done carefully as uneven distribution of weight through anchoring may still make the ceiling cave in or fall.

How to Choose the Right Outdoor Ceiling Fan:

Where to install a WET rated fan:

1. Outdoor living space with screen covering or no covering at all.
2. Gazebo which is partially covered
3. A narrow porch where the outdoor ceiling fan is near the edge for rain to blow on it.
4. Any other location close to the ocean

Where to install a DAMP rated fan:

1. A patio or porch that is covered so that rain cannot reach the fan.
2. Screened sun room.
3. A fully covered Gazebo in such a way that rain cannot reach the outdoor ceiling fan.
4. Covered spaces over a pool both indoor and outdoor.
5. Bathrooms with bathtub or shower.
6. Tiny, enclosed laundry rooms.

Can you install an indoor ceiling fan outdoors?

There is a reason behind having indoor and  best outdoor ceiling fans and for the good of your own fan you should NEVER install an indoor fan outdoors.Indoor ceiling fans are not designed to endure excess outdoor moisture or temperature fluctuations. In simple terms, your indoor ceiling fan will NOT survive if you install it outdoors. Installing the wrong type of fan can even cause fire by shorting out. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Best outdoor ceiling fans and floor fans:

# Hunter Bay view Ceiling Fan with Five Blades

Outdoor Ceiling Fans& Outdoor Floor FansThe Hunter Bay view Ceiling Fan with Five Blades is a damp rated fan. This fan stands out from the crowd with its awesome design of its blades which looks like palm leaves. Because of the design, the blades are wider than usual, which enables it to move more air. This fan has an airflow capacity of 5803 CFM and an assembled diameter of 54 inches. After installing the fan, you will notice that there is absolutely no wobble even in the highest speed. However, the two optional light kit do not give sufficient light for outdoor purposes.


– Runs silently
– Easy to install
– No wobble
– Good looking and stylish


– Strong wind may break the blades

# Westinghouse Oasis Single-Light Five-Blade Fan

Outdoor Ceiling Fans& Outdoor Floor FansWestinghouse Oasis Single Light Five Blade Fan is a wet rated fan. It has an airflow capacity of 4305 CFM and efficiency of 76 CFM/Watt. The fan helps you save heating and cooling costs as it has a reverse switch (run the fan counterclockwise in summer and clockwise in winter). Its stylish and elegant design makes it a suitable fan for both indoor and outdoor. Although it’s comparatively cheap, when you hang it in your home it looks like an expensive and elegant fan increasing the beauty of your home.


– Better looking than regular ceiling fans
– Adequate light for reading
– Easy to assemble and install
– Very fast even at lowest speed
– Quite


– Tender paint
– Slight wobble

# Lasko Adjustable Pedestal Fan

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans& Outdoor Floor FansLasko adjustable pedestal fan is a stylish yet powerful floor fan. You can adjust the height to direct the air to your comfort zone. This is a very cheap fan compared to ceiling fans and it makes some sound while moving. But overall it’s a good value for money.


– Can be run for long hours each day
– Easy to assemble
– Great air
– Cheap


– Gathers dust quickly
– Doesn’t last as long as ceiling fans

# NewAir Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan

 Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans& Outdoor Floor FansThe NewAir Oscillating Outdoor Misting Fan has the capacity to cool 500 sqft patio area. The fan is flexible and can be adjusted to direct the air where you need it the most. The oscillation makes sure that a large enough area is covered by the fan. The best regions to use this type of evaporative cooler fans are the Southwest and Midwest regions of the U.S. The misting function sprays the nearby area of the fan with water so it is best used outdoors.


– Super cool
– Reasonable price compared to other brands
– Easy to assemble
– Repels bugs


– Noisy at high speed
– Hard to find a matching outlet outdoors for such a large plug

# LaskoHigh Velocity Floor/Wall Mount Fan

Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans& Outdoor Floor FansTrust me when I tell you that Lasko High Velocity Floor/Wall Mount Fan is a very powerful fan that gives out air at a monstrous pace at its highest speed. The fan has metal blades which helps it to cool large area with ease. For users’ convenience, the fan has Quick Mount wall-mount system and can be easily converted from wall mount to floor fan. If you are not looking for a wind storm, then you are advised not to buy this fan. The lowest speed of this fan seem to be the highest in other fans.


– Very high speed fan
– Metal body, so durable
– Affordable price
– Can be used as both wall and floor fan


– As a powerful fan, it creates some noise

Final words

The fans mentioned above are not the only ones available in the market but they are one of the best. They have been chosen based on performance, value for money, user reviews and price. The fans are competitively priced and usually performs well although there is no guarantee for electric products and you should claim your warranty or return the fan if you are handed a faulty one. we are eager to help you to choose the Best Outdoor Ceiling Fans for you by letting you know and compare the different types of fans out there.