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Welcome to choosefan.com! Whether you are a new customer or old, or simply looking for some buying tips – we’re here at your service. At our site, you will find a number of different types of fan’s reviews and guides and we heartily welcome you to browse around our website.

Today, due to a lot of different brands popping out left right and center, it is very hard to choose the best fan out there – whether it be a ceiling fan, floor fan, outdoor fan or any other fan. Most cheap brand’s fan have a short useful life and usually non-existent warranties. So, it all depends on what your plan is. If you don’t want to buy another fan for a few years and have a good, healthy budget then you have to choose the fan that has high quality performance along with warranty in case of faulty product or electronic malfunction. Also, the intended purpose of the fan is a big issue. You don’t want to use a fan outdoors which was designed for indoors use only.  Listed below are some of the main guidelines in our site to help you:


Choosing the right fan for the right purpose is essential. The intended location is also important. You don’t want to end up buying a fan that cramps your room space or doesn’t fit. To maximize the useful life of your fans, you need to choose the right type of fans for the right purpose. You can browse the different fan categories in our website to find out which type of fan is best suited for you.

Some fans are made of plastic while others are made of steel. While steel fans are heavy and usually gives more airflow, it is also very expensive. On the other hand plastic made fans are far cheaper as they have low manufacturing costs. However, not all cheap plastic fans are bad. Some are made from very good quality plastic and with airflow as powerful as steel fans. We have carefully listed the pros and cons of the fans which you need to read even more carefully to come to the best decision.

When you are choosing your fan, you should remember that more than one type of fan may suite your purpose. For example your need to cool your room can be done by a ceiling fan or a floor fan or even a window fan depending upon your need. For example, if you buy an oscillating and powerful floor fan it will give you better airflow than a ceiling fan but it will be very noisy unlike ceiling fans which are very quiet.

You also need to give some thoughts to the additional features your fan offers. Apart from a few very cheap fans, most fans offer something extra to stand out from the crowd. If you want, you can have ceiling fan with lights and reverse option. Some ceiling fans may have elegant designs but gives lower airflow. Some floor fans may not have oscillation features while others may have oscillation and remote control too. Some tower fans have air ionizers, built in timers and thermostats while others do not.

Here on choosefan.com, we are eager to help you to choose the best fan for you by letting you know and compare the different types of fans out there. Our reviews here are based on real customer reviews and other related articles and guides. We have brought together all the different bits and pieces about fans into one site for your convenience. If your issue is related to a fan, we believe that there is no better place for you to be other than choosefan.com