We may have found ourselves debating about air conditioners and pedestal fans. The fact is that we can’t compare the two because pedestal fans are highly cost-effective. They are reliable sources of fresh air to make your house or building comfortable. Using his fans will safe on your power bill comparing it to the traditional an AC unit.

Some of the pedestal fans we have in the market today have unique and innovative features. Selecting the oscillating mode on these fans ensures that all room occupants enjoy the cool breeze. Some pedestal fans have a fantastic height adjustable feature to direct the cool air above the ground level.

So that you only purchase the best pedestal fan for your home or garage, we have reviewed the best 5 fans to make your selection process easier.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Pedestal Fan for Home or Garage.

A noisy fan is not friendly, especially if you will use it at night when you are sleeping. It should not distract those enjoying the breeze from it. It’s good to confirm the noise level of a pedestal fan before taking it home. You should always check the whining, thrumming, and buffering noises.

Fan Modes
Some fans have a unique feature called ‘natural’ or ‘sleep’ mode. The modes vary the fan speed to make the breeze feel natural. Others have a reduction mode to automatically switch the fan to lower speeds after half an hour.

Adjustable angle and height
This feature is necessary to look into because it determines where and how you can use a pedestal fan. You will create an indirect breeze when you angle the fan head to a specific direction. This is handy for fans that have powerful direct breeze.

Remote control
Sometimes you need to relax but be in a position to change the settings of your fan from wherever you are resting. This feature helps you to operate your fan from across the room. You can easily switch off a fan in the living room while in the bedroom.

Some fans have electronic indicators that show their settings. This is paramount, especially for a person who knows how to read but has no experience using the fan remote control.

This is important if you need a fan that switches off or turns after a set period. You may wish to sleep while the fan is running, but you don’t want it to run overnight. Therefore, you need to check this feature before purchasing a pedestal fan.

 Best 5 Pedestal Fans for Home or Garage :

#Rowenta VU5551 Fan

# Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance and Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

#Lasko 1885 18″ Cyclone Pedestal Fan

#Vornado 783DC Energy Smart Full-Size Air Circulator Fan

#Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan


Top 5 Pedestal Fans Of 2020 Reviewed

1..Rowenta VU5551 Fan: 

This is the best pedestal fan for home or garage. It’s a fan whose features make it worthy than its price. It’s good to realize that the Rowenta VU5551 pedestal fan is powerful and silent. It moves considerably vast volumes of cold air compared to most pedestal fans. It has the power to move about 2000 cubic feet per minute. This means that it’s ideal for huge rooms.

Additionally, this product of German engineering cannot disappoint you. It is ideal for those who love to sleep cool because it is silent. Its noise level is less than 57 decibels and hence decent for light sleepers.

The fan comes with four different speeds and incredible remote control. The remote control allows you to change its speed without necessarily moving to it. The Rowenta’s has an adjustable height ranging from 42-54 inches. Its built-in handle makes it easy to move it from one room to the other. Rowenta fan has five blades that can pivot to different directions.

Dual control options

Microfiber Cleaner Bundle

Stable base for firmness.

Extremely quiet.

Has a LED screen

Difficult to remove grills

2.. Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance and Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan:

Lasko 1827 18″ Elegance and Performance Adjustable Pedestal Fan

This Lasko fan is the second-best pedestal fan for home and garage. With three quiet speeds, this free-standing fan offers a cool breeze efficiently to different structures. All its speeds are energy efficient and hence saves on your electricity bill. Lasko 1827 is ideal to use in different rooms in your home because it’s easy to carry due to its lightweight.

It has a wonderful tilt-back head an adjustable height. This enables you to direct the cold breeze to whichever direction you wish with this fan. More to this, it has the oscillating feature making it ideal for large rooms.

Moreover, it comes with a patented safety fuse plug to ensure electrical faults do not blow it. Compared to most standing fans, it is one of the easiest to assemble. You don’t require tools to assemble this pedestal fan.

A reasonable noise level

Wide oscillation

Light and portable

Easy tool-free assembly

Circulates air with a powerful speed

Comes with a short cord

Most parts are made from plastic

3..Lasko 1885 18″ Cyclone Pedestal Fan:

Lasko 1885 18″ Cyclone Pedestal Fan

What do you look for in a great standing fan for your home? Though you may not have a chance to answer me, I’m sure you need the best cyclone pedestal fan. The Lasko 1885 pedestal fan is silent in its operations. This fan is suitable for use whenever minimum noise is required.

The product’s 3 programmable timer options allow you to choose when the fan turns off or on. This fan can cool huge rooms with minimum effort. Among its unique features include the adjustable height, tilt-back fan head, simplicity in assembly, and three speeds. It has a multi-functional remote control option which makes it convenient to operate it.

Without forgetting the fully adjustable height feature on this fan, this fan is suitable for multiple uses in your home or garage.

3 programmable timer options.

Fully adjustable 18″ height

High quality fan

Not effective at very high heights

Its remote control is difficult to use

4..Vornado 783DC Energy Smart Full-Size Air Circulator Fan:

Vornado 783DC Energy Smart Full-Size Air Circulator Fan

Whichever way you look at this fan, it remains a great option for a pedestal fan. Generally, its look is unique and attractive. It has a high power to move up air up to about 100 feet. It is manufactured using the Vornado’s Vortex Technology which enables it to circulate air to the entire room even when pointing in one direction.

Vornado 783DC Energy Smart fan has three-speed settings to allow you to select the speed that offers a perfect solution to your heat challenge. Besides, it has two adjustable heights of 28 inches and 40 inches, respectively. For these reasons, it is ideal for use in rooms of various heights and sizes.

Vornado also offers customers a –year warranty for this product. Its head tilts to allow a multi-directional flow of air within the rooms.

Eye-catching aesthetics

Extremely quiet

An amazing 5-year warranty

Multi-directional air supply

No remote control

Doesn’t oscillate

5..Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan:

Air King 9420 20-Inch Industrial Grade Pedestal Fan

The Air King 9420 is a great pedestal fan to keep your garage or any other industrial space fresh. If this was your intention, then look no further. It has a powerful 1/6 – horsepower lubricated motor and massive 20-inch industrial blades to cool your garage. The blades can move at 2940, 3330, and 3670 CFM, low, medium, and high speeds respectively.

Amazingly, this fan is made of powder-coated steel. This makes it last longer than the other industrial-grade fans. The king 9420 is not good for use in the bedroom but works perfectly in any spacious room.

This fan has a noise level that is slightly above 60 decibels though it is not disturbing because it is used in places like workshops and garages.

I will recommend this pedestal fan despite its bulkiness which makes it less portable compared to most fans.

It’s perfect for large spaces

Easy to assemble

Powder-coated steel is very durable

×Unbalanced blades

×Very noisy

FAQ: (Frequently Asked Questions)

Sometimes, your fan may fail to operate, and you need to use it. You need to understand how to solve common fan problems by yourself. Below are some of the frequently asked questions regarding pedestal fans.

1..What are the differences between the breeze and speed modes?

The MODE button allows you to select the type of breeze you need in the room. The kind of breeze can be normal or natural. The SPEED button is used for setting the fan blade speed.

2..How do I tilt the fan head up or down?

Whenever you want to tilt the fan head, start by disconnecting the fan from the power supply. Firmly grip the motor casing and carefully tilt your fan’s head to the desired angle. You only need a soft touch to adjust the fan head inclination.

3..Does the appliance need to be disassembled for storage?

Disassembling the fan is not necessary for storage. You can store it without disassembling although you need to cover it with a large plastic bag for dust protection. However, disassembling will ensure that it fits in its original box. This protects it from dust during storage.

4..Which fan should I purchase?

The fan that you purchase depends on personal needs. You will have to consider your room size and the amount of air you need to be pumped. A good pedestal fan will completely solve your heat challenge.


Once you have figured out the use of the pedestal fan you want to buy, getting the right one will not be challenging. After settling on the features that you prefer, you will be in a position to weigh out the aspects of each. This further helps you make an informed decision. We hope that this guide helps you find the best pedestal fan for home or garage. even differences with, for example, tower fans.


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