Whether you are living in a hot climate or you need a fan which can give you dedicated solution in warm weather, it is a tower fan. Sometimes you may need a best ceiling fan to make your room, but when the weather is sweltering and need a particular place to get air rather than getting air in the whole area, tower fan can provide a tremendous result for this. It will not cost you as much as an air cooler, but the best outcomes and cool breeze you may expect from it as like as air cooler.

You may also think about the best desk fan to get rid of warm weather in your room. But let me tell you that the desk fan is not entirely able to circulate the air and blow it as a Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan. As a desk fan is smaller than in size and consume less power to provide forced and breeze air through its movement during the use. That doesn’t mean a desk fan is not able entirely to make your room cool, but it just can be dedicated to blowing air in the chamber within a short distance.

Our Impression

Lasko 42 inch wind curve fan

This tower-style fan offers a higher span than your major rotational fan so you’ll get the greatest measure of air conveyance without spending a fortune. It’s calm for a tower fan too with the goal that it won’t irritate you or drive you to turn up the TV on the off chance that it’s on, and you’re attempting to watch something you cherish. Include the remote control that gives you access to the majority of its capacities, so you don’t need to get up, and the comfort of this fan will help you appreciate a peaceful evening.

This tower fan waves up to 90 degrees, which is a decent range for covering an entire room. What’s more, you get its ionizer that can lessen the measure of allergens in your air. It likewise is outfitted with three variable rates and a clock to help you hold the force bill down.

The model 2554 is otherwise called the 42-inch Wind Curve Tower Fan from Lasko, and it accompanies a possibility for a CARB-agreeable ionizer to streamline the freshness of the air it is coursing. It has an electronic clock that can be set for any period from 30 minutes to 7.5 hours, three speeds, discretionary wavering, a remote control, and a capacity zone of the transmitter unit on the tower itself. The tower likewise has a simple convey handle and wood-grain complements. He melded security plug, and the auto stop guarantee that the fan doesn’t overheat or get harmed amid a force disappointment. It is justified regardless of each dollar of it.

The Wind Curve can move 425 CFM (cubic feet every moment) on its most reduced setting and up to 634 CFM on high. In contrast with some of Lasko’s different lines of fans, this one is calmer; yet that is on account of it is shorter and does not push as much air as the bigger Lasko fans. This specific fan is a lighter obligation machine – which is precisely what you may requirement for a little room or office. It can work pleasantly as a story fan, or you can utilize it as a standing fan on a table or retire.

The machine is developed from lightweight plastic and has an integral handle to make trans portability less demanding. This fan weighs around 13 pounds, which is marginally above average weight for a tower fan, yet this keeps the fan from being effortlessly thumped over. The remote control can be put away underneath the handle at the back of the fan, helping you monitor this little gadget.

Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan is an indoor basis fan which will ensure high performance within the particular area. It will not work as an outdoor  floor fan to provide cool breeze at outdoor. An outdoor fan is bigger in size then Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan and consumer more power to blow the air as well as make more noise than it. As an outdoor fan blow more air with its high performance and can make a mess in the small room through blowing air, same as Lasko 42 Inch wind curve fan is an indoor fan which only can ensure its high-quality performance in indoor only.


  • Ionizer implies it extinguishes natural air
  • Exceptionally insignificant commotion while working
  • Wavers
  • Has a cooling impact on air
  • Tastefully satisfying
  • This fan accompanies an artificial wood-framing look, an ionization highlight and a clock that you can set for 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.


  • It’s everything plastic tower fan is not as sturdy as higher-positioned fans, and the wind current is not extremely reliable.
  • Remote control just works on the off chance that it is directing directly at the fan’s front board

Wrap up

Despite the fact that the Lasko 2554 Wind Curve Tower Fan has a pleasing appearance and fits pleasantly in any room, it is not sufficiently effective to cool bigger regions proficiently. The Lasko 2554 Wind Curve is reasonable for flowing air in little rooms. It includes an excellent artificial wood grain framing and, in spite of the fact that it remains close to the base of our lineup, the Wind Curve is still a dependable alternative for cooling you on a hot day.


The Lasko 2554 Wind Curve is a decent fan that offers cold, delicate breezes for littler workplaces and rooms. The ionization is an extraordinary component, particularly on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of sensitivities. This fan fits pleasantly toward the edge of most any room. On the off chance that you are searching for a decent tower fan with ionization, the Lasko 2554 Wind Curve is a little decision.

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