Introduction :-

The Honeywell HY-280 Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan was designed to offer eight quiet cooling settings, which is truly the most speed settings for any fan in the marketplace. This elegant fan is perfect for any kitchen or living room and features both breeze and oscillation settings. Some other features worth pointing out include a digital thermostat and a one- to eight-hour shut-off timer.  The fan is light-weight so you’re able to move it from room to room with ease as well.  Although, you most likely won’t want to move the fan from your bedroom since Honeywell designed the fan to be used while you’re asleep. That is the best cooling fan ever for outstanding air circulation.

Our impression :-

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan :

The Honeywell HY – 280 offers fundamental capacities and is a decent alternative on the off chance that you require a peaceful fan which can be compared with Honeywell Fresh Breeze Tower Fan for it’s quality and feature that is has.

The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room HY-280 incorporates a coordinated conveying handle. On the off chance that you purchase this fan, you get the advantage of a responsive bolster group. Client benefit messages are for the most part replied inside 24 hours, and Honeywell agents are proficient and gracious. You can contact Honeywell by telephone or email; be that as it may, a live visit choice is not accessible. This tower fan accompanies a standard one-year guarantee.

The Best Honeywell Hy-280 QuietSet Tower FanThe Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan is basically one of the best available. It has various elements that permit it to be a top entertainer, however it’s prime offering point is the means by which calm the fan can be. At the point when the fan is turned on, you can scarcely hear the air as it extinguishes of the vents. The fan likewise has particular wavering and breeze settings which make it exceptionally basic and down to earth to use.

Shockingly better, the fan can be controlled without leaving the solace of your bed. It accompanies a remote control so you can turn it on/off and screen the velocities effortlessly. To that point, the fan has 8 unique rates of calm control so you can play around with them to figure out which speed best fits your necessities.

The Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan is exceptionally easy to use. It’s truly a standout amongst the most handy fans available today. Nobody needs to have a boisterous fan, and with the Honeywell hy-280 Tower Fan you won’t need to stress over unnecessary clamor. The fan for all intents and purposes sounds the same whether it’s turned on or off – it’s truly simply is that peaceful!

The fan remains at 32.8″ tall and weighs 10.6lbs, so it’s in general not that substantial and does not take up a lot of space. Despite the fact that it may be little, it’s unquestionably compelling since it can cool a room up to 1500 sq ft. The fan is truly just intended to be utilized inside and is fueled electronically, so you’ll require an outlet close-by. Honeywell made a decent showing with regards to of planning the fan and also it’s made of hard plastic, so you know it will be strong and can withstand wear and tear. As of now the Honeywell just comes in dark, however it has a pleasant and smart outline.

The Honeywell Quietset Whole Room Tower Fan has truly composed the book on silent fans. The clamor level for this fan is almost non-existent. The fan is quiet to the point that it’s best prescribed to be utilized as a part of the room since you will feel the coolness without listening to any commotion. Clients of the fan can’t trust how little commotion the fan makes when it’s turned on. The fan is just decently very and not as quiet as Dyson Air Multiplier AM07 and lasko 42 inch fan.

The Honeywell Quietset Tower Fan must be utilized with power. Be that as it may, since the item is Energy Star endorsed, it has been made in the most vitality effective way that is available. Does it utilize negligible vitality; as well as ensure that you’re vitality charge does not get to be distinctly galactic. Now that is some uplifting news for both your wallet and the earth!

This is a swaying tower fan that gives you a 90 all inclusive cooling zone. There is an auto close off clock, which can be set for one, two, four or eight hours. You can control this fan through a remote control in the event that you would prefer not to get up to switch fan paces or settings. It works pleasantly as a story fan furthermore can work well as a standing fan on a tough above-floor surface on the off chance that you need to position it higher.

While this reasonable tower fan is planned on account of calm operation, Honeywell does not distribute the air yield volume or the fan’s commotion level as measured in decibels.

While you’re not prone to have any issues with the Honeywell hy-280 Fan, just in the event that the item is ensured by a 1-year guarantee. This is established in case you have to supplant a section or have the fan overhauled amid the principal year. The organization is so sure about the item that they’ll likewise permit you to give back the fan and get a discount. Odds are however that you’ll be so astounded by how cool and calm the fan is that you won’t have to utilize the guarantee.

Pros :-

  1. Unbelievable quiet fan makes no noise.
  2. 8 speed settings for more air circulation.
  3. Nice temperature display.
  4. Automatic timer.


  1. Not sturdy.
  2. Take bit time when it get change to high speed from low speed.
  3. LED control panel is bit bright.

Wrap up :-

Did you realize that the Quiet Set HY-280 accompanies a spellbound attachment? Meaning, in the event that you take a gander at the attachment, one sharp edge is really more extensive than the other. This is planned all things considered to diminish any danger of stun, which can be truly valuable in the event that you have children at home. Generally the The Best Honeywell Hy-280 QuietSet Tower Fan Review 2017. Whole Room Fan is justified regardless of the buy since it’s truly one of the calmest fans on the commercial center. It’s the ideal fan to utilize when you’re resting and there’s so highly speed control that there’s a fan speed for each solace level.


With such a large number of cooling fans available it can be difficult to know which one is the best fit for your necessities. You truly don’t have to look any more remote than The Best Honeywell Hy-280 QuietSet Tower Fan Review 2017. This fan has 8 unique levels of cooling and works discreetly for most extreme solace with least disturbance! Its thin outline takes up next to no space in the room and the swaying mode offers finish room scope. So don’t look any further, purchase a Honeywell  Tower Fan!

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