The Best Window Fan Review

Best window fans


Best Window Fan One of the cheap ways of cooling your room is a window fan. The main purpose of a window fan is to bring the fresh outside air in and put the stale inside air out. Window fan can be used as a separate cooling unit or as a helping hand to your air conditioner.The air “springs” into the crevice made by the window fan and the entire house starts to chill off. All those benefits can not  expected from the other fan, while also they are meant to be cool down the room, such as ceiling fan. However, you shouldn’t run the AC and the window fan at the same time as it will remove the cool air outside.
Most window fans has more or less the same features so it is not a great headache to choose the best ones among them. What sets them apart is their useful life, quality and pricing. These varies from one brand to the other and the final decision is for you to take based on your need.

What is a window fan?

Window fans are a special kind of fan that are used to bring the fresh outside air inside a room. They are placed on the inside part of a best window frame. The cost of running a window fan is only a fraction of running an air condition which is why it is so popular.

Most window fans has more or less the same features so it is not a great headache to choose the best ones among them. What sets them apart is their useful life, quality and pricing. These varies from one brand to the other and the final decision is for you to take based on your need.

Check out the best window fans for today !

imageName & brandproduct dimensionRating & reviewed Price
Bionaire Twin Window Bionaire Twin Window Fan25.5 x 14.1 x 6 inches4.2 reviewed by 2430$
Holmes Dual Blade Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan22.7 x 11.7 x 5.3 inches3.9 reviewed by 2199$
Holmes Twin Window Holmes Twin Window fan6 x 25.7 x 13.3 inches4.0 reviewed by 447$
Holmes Box Fan Holmes Box Fan21.1 x 4.4 x 21 inches3.8 reviewed by 1160$
AirKing Window AirKing Window Fan26.8 x 11.2 x 26.2 inches4.1 reviewed by 429$$$
Nature's Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Nature's Cooling Solutions Eco Breeze Smart Window Fan22 x 8 x 11 inches3.8 reviewed by28$$$$
Portable Twin 9Portable Twin 9" Reversible Window Fan25.2 x 4.8 x 13.8 inches4.2 reviewedby 60$

Why do you need a window fan

First and foremost, the most obvious reason of owning a window fan is if you need fresh air circulating in your room. Ideally, you should have window fan in your kitchen, bedrooms, laundry area etc. Without proper air circulation in your home, you will have bad odors that comes from cooking, garbage, leftovers etc.
Additionally, window fans act as a supplementary device to your air conditioner. In particularly warm days, you may need to use your air conditioning device continuously which is bad for both your pocket and your device. A good way to do this is to run your AC in the warmer days, and use your window fan in the evening and night when the outside air is comparatively cooler. Additionally a floor can add up some extra feature with the need of demand. Such as floor fan will circulate the air in the room through its blade and window fan will take that hot air out through the room, a perfect combined work will make your room cooler more quicker.

The DO’s and DON’Ts of a window fan


Remember that like every other fan, a window fan will not work its magic if it’s outside the fans capacity. If your room is large and spacious but your fan’s capacity is just enough for an average sized room, then you will barely feel any difference. If you have enough windows and if you can afford it, it’s best to have more than one window fan in one room – the more the merrier.
If you home has multiple floors, it is essential to plan correctly. Warm air naturally rises upwards, so you should have your upper level fans push the air outside and the ground level fans pull the cool and fresh air inside.
If you can afford it and if your window fits it, always go for the big sized window fans as they have greater capacity. You should also make sure that the cavities on the sides of the fan is blocked ideally by plywood or by any other means.
Plan your fan’s operation wisely. Window fans are best used at night as the night air is cooler. Before the sun rises and the warm air gets inside your home, shut the windows and use your AC unit as necessary.Usually the modern insulation system will keep your home naturally cool for several hours in the morning.


Look before you blow!!! Don’t put inwards pulling fan near garbage bins or parking areas unless you want to pull in garbage or exhaust smells in your home.

Don’t just depend on your best window fans on extremely hot conditions. Your AC unit is there for a reason, if you really need it do use it instead of torturing yourself in unbearable heat.

Common Issues

All electrical instruments are at risk of damage sooner or later. Usually people accept electrical failure if it’s after the warranty period. But it should also be noted that there is always a chance for early failure due to wear and tear, faulty product etc. Some common complaints regarding window fans are listed below:

– Some window fans (especially cheap ones) can give away excessive noise.
– This is not a bathroom fan so it will not help you lose humid air.
– When the fan is not operating, pesky bugs can enter through the gaps.

What to look for in the best window fan?

All the window fans perform the basic function of circulating air. But some are better in its job than others due to a number of different factors. Not all window fans have the capacity to produce strong and powerful air flow. Then there is also the noise factor and the ‘add-ons’.
Traditionally, customers had issues with the noise level of window fans. You don’t want to buy and fan and then find yourself in a situation where you can’t use it due to the loud noise level. Before making a purchase, you should make sure that the noise level is within your tolerance limit. Some of the additional features of typical window fans include remote control, thermostat etc.

Do window fans do a good job cooling down a room?

Best Window fans are certainly an energy saving and thus environment friendly product to cool your room. They are an excellent addition to your home’s cooling mechanisms acting cost-effectively all the way. At times, they can be used as a substitute to your expensive air conditioning unit. As you might have already discovered, depending too much on your AC for temperature control is hazardous for your budget in the form of higher electricity bills. Large areas of your home can be cooled rapidly using twin blade window fan technology. In modern window fans, the double blades can be used to both intake and/or exhaust air. Window fans cools down room by exhausting stale air and pulling in fresh air, improving your home’s ventilation system.
Using good window fans will make sure that fresh air is circulated throughout the whole room. For locations which have moderate level of heat, window fans are a great cooling choice. However, in particularly warm days you may need your AC as well.
The expandable side panels let the fan fit easily in different sized windows.

Top 5 window fan reviews

# Bionaire Twin Window Fan

best and good quality window fansOur impression: Bionaire Twin window fan is an electrically reversible fan that allows intake, exhaust as well as exchange of air. There are 3 speed configurations to suit your need with the option of remote control for your extra comfort. The fan also comes with a built-in thermostat. It’s an all in one and one in all window fan. This is a powerful window fan primarily to cover a large area. You can use the auto shut off feature by setting a temperature using the thermostat which will turn off the fan once the desired room temperature is reached.


– Low noise fan
– Programmable thermostat
– Reversible blades
– Remote control
– 3 speed settings


– Makes annoying beeps when button is pressed
– No direct OFF button in the remote

# Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

best and good quality window fansOur impression: Holmes Dual Blade Twin window fan is another great fan with intake, exhaust and exchange of air features. This also comes with a programmable thermostat. The number of speed settings is 2. It is a comparatively cheaper fan than others but without a significant compromise with quality. The two blades can be set to intake and exhaust at the same time. This is not a silent fan nor is it an exceptionally loud one.


– Easy to fit into windows
– Quiet but not silent
– Programmable thermostat
– Reversible blades


– No remote control

# Holmes Twin Window fan

 best and good quality window fansOur impression: Holmes Twin window fan is and affordable window fan that has all the regular features. The manual thermostat can be used to set ideal temperature based on user’s comfort level. With 3 speed settings, the dual blades works hard to keep your home full of fresh air along with reverse option. The motor is water resistant so you don’t need to worry about rain water spoiling your fan. Minimum window size is 25 inches (width) x 12 inches (height). The extend panels can cover width up to 35 inches. If you are using this fan in your bedroom, it’s a great choice as it doesn’t have any annoying LED lights.


– Quiet
– Good looking design
– One blade can be switched off if needed
– Ideal for bedroom use (No LED lights)


– Airflow is comparatively lower than other fans.

# Holmes Box Fan

best and good quality window fansOur impression:Holmes Box fan is a window fan for small and medium sized rooms. It is cheap, portable and fairly powerful. As a cheap fan, the fan makes some noise and vibrates at high speed. It doesn’t have many extra features but does what it’s supposed to do – circulate air. If you are looking for a low budget fan, this is the ideal fan for you.


– Very cheap, good value for money
– Good air movement
– Long life
– 3 speed settings


– Noisy
– Vibrates at high speed

# AirKing Window Fan

best and good quality window fansOur impression: This is the most expensive fan in our list of best window fans and you can guess why. The Airking window fan is for large homes/rooms with 3 speed settings and 2 directions. It is a powerful fan but not as powerful as some of the old models which are out of market now. However, it’s strong enough to give your AC a well-deserved rest every few days.This is a 20 inches fan so obviously it moves a lot of air but it also makes some noise while doing its job. However, the noise is not intolerable. Installation also seems fairly easy. There is, however, one disappoint that is common to all fans which is most fans don’t last more than 2/3 years. Gone are the days when you could use your fan for a good 10/20 years. People are likely to pay double the price for a fan with 5/10 years warranty.


– Moves a lot of air
– 2 directions
– Affordable price for a 20 inch fan
– Easy to install


– Noisy


We have selected the best window fans based on the different expectation levels of customers. Not everyone can afford a window fan over $100/$200 so that may not be a best fan for each and every one. Both the cheap and the expensive fans have their benefits and drawbacks and we tried to highlight those so that you can choose the window fan that is best for you. After the price, you need to look at the quality and other additional features. However, most modern fans today have similar quality. You will hardly find any fan that offers warranty for more than 3 years. The additional features are based on your particular needs and they are available at affordable price. You will need to find a balance between your budget and your need as you choose the best window fan for your home.